Agress: Missile Daisenryaku

Sound chips: YM2151 OKIM6295
System: Arcade Machine
Composer: Unknown
Developer: Palco System
Publisher: Palco System
Release date: 1991
01. Coin 0:01
02. How to Play 0:12 + 0:11
03. BGM 1 0:39 + 0:26
04. BGM 2 0:57 + 0:37
05. BGM 3 0:40 + 0:27
06. Round End, Miss 0:02
07. Game Over 0:04
08. Unknown 0:06
Total: 2:38 + 1:40
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2021-09-27 andlabs Initial release.
4 ratings • 268 downloads • 1439 views
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Generated by MAME 0.222 VGM mod

This game does not have a service menu.
To rip this pack, I overwrote the code that
plays the insert coin effect and disabled
playing of all other sounds. As the game
waits indefinitely for you to press start
after inserting a coin, this should suffice
as a replacement for a proper sound test.
The following MAME debugger commands were
used: = 4E75 = 4E75 = xxxx

I do not know what's up with the weird loops
on the main BGM songs, or of the randomly
changed voice for some notes in BGM 1 after
the first loop, or the extra percussive note
at the start of BGM 3. If those are a result
of using the insert coin approach, then oops.
It's actually difficult to tell in-game,
given the sound effects (which are all MSM6295
samples) play louder.

The sound with code $88 (put 0088 in place of
xxxx in the above MAME debugger code) is the
sound used for insert coin. However, sound $89
appears to be a more "coin inserted"-sounding
sound. I did not include it here as I don't
know if it's used elsewhere; further research
is needed.

Thanks to Kaito Sinclaire for inspiring this
pack and providing song identification


Source: VGMRips

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