Final Fight

Version Date Author Description
1.00 2013-01-17 The Golden Horse Initial release.
2.00 2014-12-28 The Golden Horse Tags updated with composer credits and track titles from the "Final Fight Original Sound Collection" released by Clarice Disc on 2014-12-20. Also reset the Gain from 0.50 to 1.00 since "Ending" no longer clips when played in VGMPlay/in_vgm with no Gain.
2.01 2021-12-11 Valley Bell Added chip volume header.
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[Source (Original Tracklist)]
Final Fight -G.S.M. Capcom 3-
Pony Canyon / Scitron  PCCB-00030  May 21, 1990

(Corroborated by 2012-04-22 BridgeM1 List Pack)

[Source (New Tracklist and Composer Credits)]
Final Fight Original Sound Collection
Clarice Disc  CDGM-10026  Dec 20, 2014

MAME 0.144 (modded by Valley Bell)

And now, vgmrips can add Capcom's seminal
beat-'em-up to its ranks! Of course, there are
some oddities I should note about this pack:

* The credited composer is Yoshihiro Sakaguchi
  (as "Youki chan's papa"). However, Yoko
  Shimomura's personal website
  ( lists
  her as a partial contributor to this game,
  though not what tracks she contributed. Not
  only that, but in a blog post in 2011,
  Yasuaki Fujita stated that his first job at
  Capcom was writing music for this game, with
  a description implying that it was BGM 9.
  This was later confirmed by strugglepoo at
  VGMdb via e-mail correspondence with Mr.
  Fujita himself. For a while, this was all we
  knew about the composers of Final Fight.

  Then December 20, 2014 saw the release of
  the "Final Fight Original Sound Collection"
  from City Connection's Clarice Disc imprint
  for retro game soundtracks. Days later on
  the 27th, veteran Capcom composer Manami
  Matsumae posted a photo on her Twitter
  account of the liner notes for the "Final
  Fight [AC]" portion of the album, revealing
  that not one, not two, but _six_ composers
  went uncredited for the soundtrack! How in
  the world so many of them were left out
  until then, we may never know. Long story
  short, we now have a track-by-track composer
  breakdown for this game, which I added to
  this pack on the 28th for version 2.00.
  Thanks to dissident93 for drawing this to my
* The official soundtrack in G.S.M. Capcom 3
  not only has multiple tracks per CD track,
  it also has dedicated "Stage" tracks that
  include every BGM that plays on the listed
  Stage in order, including duplicates. This
  meant that in the original version of this
  pack, "BGM 9" and "BGM 10" (tracks 12 and 13
  respectively) came _before_ "BGM 6-8" (tracks
  14-16). The "Final Fight Original Sound
  Collection," on the other hand, gives each
  track its own spot on the CD tracklist and
  names each one according to where they're
  used in the game. Thus, I used the later
  album's track list for version 2.00.
  However, I added more specific locations for
  the tracks labeled as "Round 6." I also
  fixed a minor mistake in the name of track
  05, which claims it plays on Round 4 when it
  really plays on Round 3. (The Japanese track
  titles are unchanged for album accuracy

  Both soundtracks also include the sound
  effect for inserting a coin, so it is
  included in this pack as well (track 02).
* The original version of this pack also ran
  into an interesting issue regarding volume
  balancing. Before VGMPlay/in_vgm was updated
  to change the volume balancing for tracks
  that use the OKIM6295 chip, the Final Fight
  tracks were incredibly loud. This was most
  notable with "Ending" (track 18), which even
  suffered clipping! Thus, the original pack
  had a Gain of 0.50, which I did with the
  help of Valley Bell.

  In VGMPlay/in_vgm 0.40.5, however, the
  volume balancing of OKIM6258 and OKIM6295
  tracks was changed to make them half as
  loud. This means "Ending" no longer
  technically clips, making the volume mod
  unnecessary, so I reset the volume gain to
  1.00 for version 2.00. All other tracks
  should now play at a reasonable volume as
* Finally, I'd like to state that yes, that
  random sample near the loop point of
  "Round 5: Bay Area 2" (track 15) really
  _is_ in the track; it's not a logging
  error. ;)

With that said, enjoy!

The Golden Horse

Source: VGMRips

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