Home Alone

Sound chip: YM3812
Systems: PC/AT PC/XT
Composer: Tom McMail
Developer: Manley & Associates
Publisher: Capstone Software
Release date: 1991
01. Setting the Traps 2:49 + 2:06
02. I'm Ready! 0:12
03. Battling the Wet Bandits 0:55 + 0:38
Total: 3:55 + 2:43
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2023-07-07 The789Guy Initial release.
1.01 2023-09-09 Valley Bell Increased volume.
3 ratings • 46 downloads • 182 views
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This soundtrack was ripped in-game, because I
couldn't figure out which archive the music is
stored in. Luckily, I stood in one spot and got
captured by the Wet Bandits, allowing me to
continue a clean rip of track 3 (it continues
over the high scores and name entry screens.)


Source: VGMRips

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