Pier Solar (Beta)

Sound chips: SN76489 YM2612
Systems: Mega Drive Genesis
Composer: Zable Fahr
Developer: WaterMelon
Release date:
01. Title Screen 1:32 + 1:32
02. Credits 0:10 + 0:09
03. Sadness 1:01 + 0:48
04. Reja Theme 1:17 + 1:17
05. Hoston's Theme 1:04 + 0:58
06. Sleep 0:07 + 0:07
07. Edessot's Theme 1:09 + 1:09
08. The Evergreen Fields 0:46 + 0:46
09. The Flowing Waters 0:46 + 0:46
10. Forest of Wonder 1:02 + 1:02
11. Old Battle Theme 1:12 + 1:02
12. Caves 1:08 + 0:59
13. Danger Tune 2:03 + 1:47
14. Boss Battle 2:08 + 1:29
15. Victory! 0:04
16. Ancient Garden 2:02 + 1:22
17. Solution 1:12 + 0:36
18. Pier Solar Opening Credits 2:00
Total: 20:35 + 15:42
Version Date Author Description
1.01 2022-01-03 andlabs Fixed txt file for vgmrips.
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All songs were ripped with Kega Fusion 3.63.

I noted all differences between the beta and
the final tracks in the track's comments.
The only thing I didn't note because it applies
to all tracks is that the drum set was changed.
(e.g. Snare Drum sounds different than in the
final game.)

I ripped all songs from the title screen.
Hacking was quite easy, because the game uses
filenames to identify its files.

The following list contains all information I
extracted from the ROM:

File Name     Title                       Author      Comment                Date
battle24_tmf  Old Battle Theme            Zable Fahr  Tweak by Tulio         12-11-2007
bossthm0_tmf  Boss Battle                 Zable Fahr  TRPG                   12-14-2007
bridge64_tmf  The Flowing Waters          Zable Fahr  TRPG                   12-02-2007
caveth24_tmf  Caves                       Zable Fahr  TRPG                   12-22-2007
danger00_tmf  Danger tune                 Zable Fahr  TRPG                   04-20-2008
edesot24_tmf  Edessot's Theme             Zable Fahr  TRPG                   11-06-2007
forst024_tmf  Forest of Wonder            Zable Fahr  TRPG                   11-07-2007
garden56_tmf  New MD tracker tune         YOU         Put here anything !!!  12-24-2007
hoston24_tmf  Hostons Theme               Zable Fahr  Tavern RPG             11-19-2007
psintr00_tmf  Pier Solar Opening Credits  Zable Fahr  Put here anything !!!  04-01-2008
rejato24_tmf  Reja Theme                  Zable Fahr  TRPG                   11-18-2007
sadness0_tmf  New MD tracker tune         Zable Fahr  TRPG                   12-22-2007
sleep000_tmf  New MD tracker tune         Zable Fahr  TRPG                   01-06-2008
solution_tmf  New MD tracker tune         Zable Fahr  TRPG                   12-22-2007
syscrd00_tmf  New MD tracker tune         Zable Fahr  TRPG                   12-26-2007
systit00_tmf  Title Theme                 Zable Fahr  Blah                   11-17-2007
victor00_tmf  New MD tracker tune         Zable Fahr  TRPG                   01-06-2008
wldmap24_tmf  The Evergreen Fields        Zable Fahr  Tavern RPG             11-19-2007

As you can see, Pier Solar's original name
"Tavern RPG" is still present.

Most track titles are the ones shown above. All
others are the final titles from the Pier Solar
Music Player ROM. One (Credits) is based on the

I used the VGM Loop Finder to trim all the
songs and noticed, that some songs (e.g. Boss
Battle) use random panning effects.

Because the game sends every DAC command twice,
I deleted every second DAC command. So I saved
50 % size even before running optvgm.

Valley Bell

Source: Project2612

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