The King of Fighters '95

Sound chip: YM2610
System: Neo Geo
Composers: Akihiro Uchida Masahiko Hataya PEARL SHIBAKICHI Yasuo Yamate
Developer: SNK
Publisher: SNK
Release date: 1995-06-25
01. Neo-Geo Opening Theme 0:08
02. K.O.F. '95 (Title) 0:43
03. K.O.F. '95 (MVS Title) 0:05 + 0:05
04. Demon Select (Game Select) 0:05 + 0:04
05. Raging Waves Select (Team Select) 0:05 + 0:04
06. Funky Esaka (Japan Stage) 1:08 + 1:05
07. Spring of this World (Victory Demo) 0:06
08. Prisoner (Korea Stage) 1:12 + 1:06
09. Desert Requiem (Middle East Stage) 1:40 + 1:20
10. Shuddering Gong (China Stage) 1:08 + 0:50
11. Club-M ~Flute in the Sky~ (Mediterranean Sea Stage) 1:14 + 1:07
12. Art and Fighting ~To Sway a Man's Heart~ (USA Stage) 1:50 + 1:35
13. Bass Crawling on the Ground (UK Stage) 0:54 + 0:45
14. Stormy Saxophone (USA Stage) 1:27 + 1:19
15. Weeping R - Sorrowful D (Rugal Demo 1, 3) 1:11 + 1:10
16. Weeping R - Sorrowful D (Rugal Demo 2) 1:12 + 1:10
17. HAL, Bass and Melody (Final Boss Stage 1) 1:18 + 1:13
18. Hymn for Rugal (Rugal Appearance Demo) 0:17 + 0:11
19. Guitar, Omega and Rugal (Final Boss Stage 2) 0:58 + 0:57
20. Rugal Elimination (Rugal Elimination Demo) 0:20 + 0:20
21. Kid (Ending 1) 0:17 + 0:16
22. Goodbye Mr. Tear (Ending 2) 0:36 + 0:26
23. Farewell! Youth (Ending 3) 0:47 + 0:29
24. The Sunset Sky Part VI ~ Liebe (Staff Roll) 1:00 + 1:00
25. Vortex of Desire (Game Over) 0:03
Total: 19:32 + 16:21
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2014-08-24 The Golden Horse Initial release.
1.01 2014-09-03 The Golden Horse Added a paragraph clarifying something about the two versions of "Weeping R - Sorrowful D" to alleviate potential confusion.
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The King of Fighters '95 / SNK
Pony Canyon / Scitron  PCCB-00187  Aug 19, 1995

Generated by MAME 0.152, modded by Valley Bell,
using the Jukebox Player accessible with the
Universe BIOs.

The second in what would become SNK's longest-
running series ever, "The King of Fighters '95"
introduced Iori Yagami to the world with his
then-unheard-of appearance, attitude and
saxophone theme music. It also featured
terrible damage balance to the point where one
move did the same big damage when blocked that
it did when it hit! But it continued to set a
standard for graphical and musical prowress on
the Neo Geo, up until the next KOF game redrew
everything and put the game on the course
toward the form we know today.

The music continues to shape up, too, with a
hint of the variety we would see in the next
game. Apart from the saxophone music that
plays for Iori and his team, there's the
laid-back number played by the band in the
Women Fighters Team's stage ("Bass Crawling on
the Ground") and the funk style that
accompanies Kyo and his friends in Japan.
The samples are higher quality and the
composition's improved, too. The soundtrack is
overall great listening for any occasion.

The trimming went okay except for "Guitar,
Omega and Rugal," whose loop point I had to
use vgm2mid and vgm2txt to find. It felt like
fighting Omega Rugal himself! Also, the ending
themes were similarly difficult to trim for
seemingly no reason other than perhaps the
composers and music programmers rushing them
to completion. A couple tracks ("Funky Esaka"
and "Prisoner") are also set to loop earlier
than vgmlpfnd says they do, because I felt the
loop points I chose were more natural.

Finally, there are two different versions of
"Weeping R - Sorrowful D" in this pack that
have different starting points but are
otherwise identical. The first two cutscenes
featuring Rugal are too short for the whole
track to be heard, so in the second one, the
second half of the piece is played (the "Demo
2" version). It's only in the third cutscene,
which is long enough for the track to loop
once, that you can hear the whole thing in
one go.


The Golden Horse

Source: VGMRips

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