Mega Duck

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Mega Duck
Mega Duck with their logo on screen.
Manufacturer(s) China Welback Holdings

Europe Creatonic / Videojet

Brazil Cougar

Release Date(s) China 1993

Europe / Brazil 199?

CPU(s) Sharp LR35902
Sound chip(s) GameBoy DMG?
Music section N / A

The Mega Duck (otherwise known as Cougar Boy) MESS System Driver megaduck is a 8-bit portable video game system made by Welback Holdings, released at Hong Kong in 1993. It was spread out around the world, mainly in Europe and Brazil. The portable was mainly a house for Sachen games, which many of their games was direct ports of their unlicensed games for Game Boy. Due to this similarity, the Mega Duck shares the same hardware with the GB, but is incompatible with their carts and vice-versa. In terms of sales, the Mega Duck was fall in back as the "minor league", competing with the Watara Super Vision, the Gamate and the Game Master.


The sound was supposed to be an LR35902 PSG, the same used in the GB, GBC and GBA.

VGM Scene

You can log Mega Duck VGMs only in MESS.