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This is a list of available online game music libraries, most of which are in a specialized format, i.e. not MP3 or WAV.

Name Format Packs Description
vgmrips VGM 1120 The best! Contains music ripped from many consoles and chips
smspower VGM 256 Contains music ripped from SMS games
project2612 VGM 627 Contains music ripped from Sega Genesis and Mega Drive
OPL Archive VGM 77 Specialized, active archive of OPL2, OPL3 (AdLib, SoundBlaster)
Project AY AY 678 ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC music
snesmusic SPC, RSN 1516 Focuses on Super Nintendo and Super Famicom
Zophar's SPC collection SPC, RAR ~900 Old-school web-page with RAR downloads
MDXWin MDX A MDX player with an online "drive" containing a large collection of MDX files.
MDX collection MDX A big collection of MDX files
Another MDX collection MDX Another collection
High Voltage SID Collection SID Focuses on Commodore 64 SID music
Mirsoft Contains links to other collections
OverClocked Remix Contains remixes as well as chiptune files
vgmusic midi Has separate (non-packed) MIDI files for many consoles and games.
vgmdb  ? Mostly informative, good database, only links to downloads.
game theme songs mp3 Many Obviously geared towards search engines, heavily sponsored and advertised.
youtube Video Lots of game music
Kaminarimon HES PC Engine music.
Portable Music History GBS Game Boy and other portables. Strange webpage IMO.
JoshW 2sf 2sf Nintendo DS
JoshW 3do AIFC 3DO
JoshW dsf dsf Dreamcast
JoshW fmtowns mp3 FM Towns
JoshW gbs gbs Game Boy/Color
JoshW gcn gcn Gamecube
JoshW gsf gsf Game Boy Advance
JoshW hes HES, VGM, MP3 PC Engine/PC Engine CD
JoshW hoot hoot Hoot
JoshW kss kss MSX/Master System/Game Gear
JoshW ncd mp3 Neo Geo CD
JoshW nsf NSF 1911 NES
JoshW pc mp3 PC games
JoshW psf PSF MP3 PlayStation
JoshW psf2 psf2 PlayStation 2
JoshW psf3 psf3 PlayStation 3
JoshW psp psp PlayStation Portable
JoshW s98 s98 S98 logs, mostly from PC88/PC98 ganes
JoshW smd smd Mega Drive/Mega CD
JoshW spc spc SNES
JoshW ssf ssf Saturn
JoshW usf usf Nintendo 64
JoshW wii wii Nintendo WII
JoshW wsr wsr WonderSwan/Color
JoshW x360 x360 Xbox 360
JoshW xbox xbox Xbox (original one)
modland ftp many large file archive, no database
hoot Many Many Sound hardware emulator with music collection.
GBS Penultimate Archive GBS 710 A big table with downloads. Also homebrew.
Lawrence Lin's PSF archive PSF 108 Decent size PSF collection
ASMA sap 5016 Atari SAP Music Archive
SNDH SNDH 386 Atari ST YM2149 Archive
SC68 SC68 1775 Atari ST and Amiga musics
tg-16 music DB mp3 TurboGrafx-16, X68000 etc.
VGM Preservation Fund many, mp3 Many systems
UnExoticA many Amiga music rips in their original format
Amiga Music Preservation Modules Amiga database about music and musicians
bulba AY Some AY-3-8910 related music