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Program: MAME/MESS 0.152 (homepage MAME / MESS )

Program Type: VGM Creator/Emulator

Platform: Windows (32-bit / 64-bit), Linux (via source code)

Current version: 0.152 (released on 2014-04-08)

Logs chips: Almost all chips supported by the VGM format.
In particular, these are: SN76489 and variants, T6W28, YM2413, YM2612 / YM3438, YM2151, SegaPCM, RF5C68, YM2203, YM2608, YM2610/B, YM3812, YM3526, Y8950, YMF262, YMF278B, YMF271, YMZ280B, RF5C164 (SegaCD PCM), Sega 32x PWM, AY8910 / YM2149 and variants, GameBoy DMG, NES APU, MultiPCM, UPD7759, OKI6258, OKI6295, K051649, K054539, HuC6280, C140, K053260, Pokey, QSound
SCSP logging is implemented, but disabled due to poor emulation of the respective arcade machines and timing issues.

Comment: Modded by Valley Bell to log vgms. (enabled via mame.ini/mess.ini)


MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator):

Windows 32-bit (13.65 MB) / 64-bit (15.57 MB)

Additional Files (1.10 MB)

MESS (Multi Emulator Super System):

Windows 32-bit (6.79 MB) / 64-bit (7.96 MB)

Additional Files (6.92 MB)

MAME/MESS Source Diff (24.4 KB) (MESS is part of MAME, so the source includes changes to both programs)

"Additional Files" is stuff like artwork, software lists, etc... that you don't necessarily need to run the emulators. Also it gets never updated (except when updating to a newer major release), so you just need to download it once.

Old versions

MAME/MESS 0.152:

MAME/MESS 0.148:

MAME/MESS 0.144:

Known not-working games with supported chips

Note: This also applies to M1.
Games that use a NMK112 chip (or other custom chips) for bank switching of OKIM6295 sample ROMs:

Additionally there are some games whose C140 is connected to RAM instead of ROM. MAME/M1 disables C140 logging in this case and makes a note about it in error.log. This is the case for the following games:

Some games (e.g. from Sega System 1/2) use two chips of one type (e.g. SN76489), but with different chip clocks. In this case, only the chip clock of one of the chips is logged. This is repairable after logging/trimming.

The AY8910-part of the YM2203/YM2608/YM2610 chips may play at the wrong frequency in VGMPlay/in_vgm, if you select the MAME emulation core. This is a player-related issue and not a problem of the emulator.