Neko Project 21

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Program: Neko Project II (homepage) / Xnp2 (homepage)

Program Type: VGM Creator/Emulator

Platform: Windows (32-bit)

Current version: 20130727 (released on 2016-11-24)

Logs chips: YM2203, YM2608, YM2612, AY8910

Comment: Modded by Valley Bell to log vgms.

Known bugs: DeltaT sample data might break if you start VGM logging while the sound driver is uploading samples to the sound chip.


Win32 binary (359 KB)
Source Diff (16.0 KB, includes previous source diffs)

Old Versions

Xnp2 20130727 Win32 binary 2015-08-08 (356 KB, fixed PC-9821 screenshot dumping)
Xnp2 20130727 Win32 binary 2014-06-19 (356 KB, original mod, VGM logging replaced S98 logging)
Xnp2 20130727 Source Diff 2014-06-19 (8.37 KB)