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ROMIcon.png Atari ST
The computer itself
Manufacturer(s) United States of America Atari Corporation
Release Date(s) United States of America 1985
CPU(s) Motorola 68000, Hitachi HD6301
Sound chip(s) Yamaha YM2149, PC Speaker
Music section N / A

The Atari ST is a line of 16-bit personal computers released by Atari Corporation. It succeeded the 8-bit line of Atari personal computers. Due to his many similarities with the earlier Macintosh systems, it was nicknamed as Jackintosh, which is a reference to Jack Tramiel, Atari's owner at the time. It was a major failure in USA due to the rocketing sales of Commodore Amiga starting from 1987, but did gain a very strong market in European countries.


The music is done by the YM2149 sound chip, which is a AY-3-8910A clone by Yamaha. In a lesser extent, some games used MIDI synthesizers such as Roland MT-32, before the existence of Atari STE.

VGM Scene

There are no way to log Atari ST music now, because the current Atari ST emulation status of MAME is won't ever capable to boot the BIOS. We (vgmrips and the remaints of the VGM scene itself) want someone to make a YM to VGM converter, because the YM File Format shares many similarities with another output music formats such as VGM and DRO.