Roland MT-32

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ROMIcon.png Roland MT-32
Roland MT-32 (top), Roland CM-32 (between), and Roland CM-300 (bottom)
Manufacturer(s) Roland
Release Date(s) Worldwide release 1987
CPU(s) P8098
Sound chip(s) MIDI
Music section N / A

Roland MT-32 was one of the most popular MIDI synthesizers for the PCs, made by Roland Corporation. It was released in 1987 almost all the world, and was greatly changed the music scene in the Japan. The MT-32 uses Linear Arithmetic synthesis, in order to play sounds, but it also has Samples, which is used mainly for drums.

PCs that can use the MT-32


All music played in MT-32 is played using standard MIDI commands.

VGM Scene

There are two emulators that enables you to hear the MT-32 as a stand-alone unit: Munt and MESS. MESS didn't has implemented the MT-32 sound yet.

You cannot log MT-32 data into VGM.

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