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ROMIcon.png Sharp X68000
A black X68k unit with proper monitor and keyboard.
Manufacturer(s) Sharp Corporation
Release Date(s) Japan 1987-03-28
CPU(s) Motorola 68000
Sound chip(s) Yamaha YM2151, OKIM6258
Music section Sharp X68000

Sound Hardware

  • YM2151 @ 4MHz
  • OKIM6258 @4MHz/8MHz (software selectable)
  • Optional hardware: Mercury Unit

The OKIM6258 runs at a software selectable 4MHz or 8MHz. The clock can be divided by 512, 768 or 1024, so the resulting sampling rates are:

clock divisor sample rate (Hz)
4MHz 512 7812
768 5208
1024 3096
8MHz 512 15625
768 10516
1024 7812

Which gives us 5 unique sampling rates (since 4M/512 = 8M/1024 = 7812).

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Main article: X68000 Music Drivers


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