Poly-Net Warriors Valley Bell 2022-09-11 moved Title track from position 25 to 01.
Cy-Lips Valley Bell 2022-09-11 Fixed screenshot aspect ratio.
Farland Story Denki: Arc Ou no Ensei Valley Bell 2022-09-11 Fixed track titles, added Japanese tags.
World Court Tennis (U) / Pro Tennis World Court (J) BoxCubed 2022-09-01 Added composer credits, proper titles from (CDGM-10024), and Track 06.
Poly-Net Warriors BoxCubed 2022-08-27 Added Tracks "Game Over"and "Title Screen".
Nemesis '90 Kai RN22 2022-08-20 Fixed track 08 typo.
Nemesis '90 Kai Valley Bell 2022-08-19 Fixed screenshot.
Hatris Valley Bell 2022-08-19 Increased volume.
Nemesis '95 Gradius 2 BoxCubed 2022-08-18 Relogged tracks that used the OKI chip for proper optimizations.
Hatris Kitaru 2022-08-14 Initial release
Can Can Bunny Premiere marklincadet 2022-08-11 Noted track sources.
Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation: Hiragana Katakana Kakechatta! marklincadet 2022-08-11 Credited Tanaka.
Maniac Mansion marklincadet 2022-08-11 Track titles and credits.
X-Men marklincadet 2022-08-11 Track credits.
Pocket Monsters Suuji o Tsukamaeyou! marklincadet 2022-08-11 Credited Tanaka.
Kamen Rider 555 marklincadet 2022-08-11 "Write" -> "Draw"
Jurassic Park RN22 2022-08-09 Fixed .txt file.
Super Othello marklincadet 2022-08-09 Publisher added.
Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger marklincadet 2022-08-09 Developer added.
Ghosts'N Goblins (U) / Makaimura (J) Gnome 2022-08-03 Applied a script that makes sure that the frequency is set before the first KeyOn event on each channel. (thanks Valley Bell)
Providence Gnome 2022-07-29 Public release; Applied RAIN to remove TL writes, stripped SSG.
Corpse Party Valley Bell 2022-07-28 Identified Ending Theme.
Kimi Dake ni Ai o... Valley Bell 2022-07-27 Fixed screenshot, thanks marklincadet.
Cy-Lips BoxCubed 2022-07-27 Optimized VGMs.
Ekudorado: Kagami no Naka no Oukoku GTheGuardian 2022-07-26 Initial release.
Get! GTheGuardian 2022-07-26 Initial release.
Nemesis '90 Kai RN22 2022-07-26 Fixed track 16 loop with the help of vgm2txt to find the right loop.
Speed Racer BoxCubed 2022-07-25 Byteswapped samples.
Nemesis '90 Kai RN22 2022-07-23 Fixed track 10 loop and added 1 custom loop track.
Unten Thomas Deluxe Set marklincadet 2022-07-23 Initial release.
Super X-Day X '95 BoxCubed 2022-07-23 Fixed tags for Track 02 and adjusted gain.
Final Fantasy II GTheGuardian 2022-07-22 Initial release.
Final Fantasy GTheGuardian 2022-07-22 Initial release.
Bleed Out Sakuretsu BoxCubed 2022-07-21 Initial release.
Cy-Lips BoxCubed 2022-07-21 Initial release.
Super X-Day X '95 BoxCubed 2022-07-21 Initial release.
Rod Land (E) / Yousei Monogatari - Rod Land (J) The789Guy 2022-07-20 Initial release.
Magical Shot Valley Bell 2022-07-19 Optimized with improved opt_oki.
Planet of the Apes The789Guy 2022-07-19 Initial release.
Twin Eagle: Revenge Joe's Brother Valley Bell 2022-07-19 Hack "Credit" track for better optimization.
Space Invaders Sonic of 8! 2022-07-19 Initial release.
Kimi Dake ni Ai o... Valley Bell 2022-07-19 Increased volume.
Dungeon RPG Tsukuru DanDan Dungeon GTheGuardian 2022-07-18 Initial release.
Mime Valley Bell 2022-07-18 Moved non-OST songs from the end to sort of reasonable places.
Crayon Shin Chan Orato Asobo Valley Bell 2022-07-18 Fixed file names.
Street Fighter EX2 Plus BoxCubed 2022-07-16 Added Track 33, exclusive to Street Fighter EX2.
Ghostlop Gnome 2022-07-15 Relogged and trimmed track 09, formatted .txt file, updated tags and screenshot.
Otoko Dama Valley Bell 2022-07-15 Fixed screenshot.
Puzz Loop 2 BoxCubed 2022-07-15 Byteswapped samples.
Lotus: The Ultimate Challenge Valley Bell 2022-07-15 Fixed volume.
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