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ROMIcon.png Coleco Adam
The Adam's text writer.
Manufacturer(s) Coleco
Release Date(s) United States of America 1983-10

Europe 1983?

CPU(s) Zilog Z80
Sound chip(s) SN76489, Cassette Wave
Music section N / A

Coleco Adam The Coleco Adam MESS System Driver adam is the computer version of the ColecoVision, made by Coleco. Basically, Coleco was supposed to be released the Adam as one of multiple Module Expansion's of the CV. The computer can run applications in Cassette Tapes, in Floppy Disks (5.25" inch) and ColecoVision cartridges. The Adam also has 3 expansion slots, to connect various third-party devices, such as Modems, IDE HDDs and RAM expanders. However, most of Adam peripherals function very bad, and was one, of major causes to Coleco starting to lose money. The Adam was marketed until 1985-01 in USA.


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