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ROMIcon.png SMC-777
Manufacturer(s) Sony
Release Date(s) Japan 1983
CPU(s) Zilog Z80
Sound chip(s) SN76489A, Beep
Music section N / A

The SMC-777 is a 8-bit personal computer made by Sony. It was released as part of HiTBiT line of PCs, through the HiTBiT line covered most MSX computers and related hardware made by Sony themselves. The SMC name is a abbreviation of Sony Micro Computer. Software titles can only run in Floppy Disks, but you can also add another FD Drive if you want. The SMC was not much used as an PC gaming machine like the MSX, but is more used for the video and image editing. Some games that makes the SMC memorable, was some ports of Apple II games distributed by Broderbund, such as Lode Runner, Choplifter and A.E. .


Music of SMC games are done by the SN76489 sound chip. It also have a built-in speaker for playing Beeps.

VGM Scene

You can log SMC VGMs only in MESS.