Hanimex Pencil II

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ROMIcon.png Hanimex Pencil II
Pencil II computer
Manufacturer(s) Australia Hanimex
Release Date(s) Australia 1984
CPU(s) Zilog Z80
Sound chip(s) SN76489A, Cassette Wave
Music section N / A

The Hanimex Pencil II MESS System Driver pencil2 was a 8-bit personal computer, released in 1984, only in Australia by Hanimex, a company that imported photographic camera lens from European and Japanese companies to Australia. The computer basically shares most of the ColecoVision / Coleco Adam hardware, Hanimex was also released a adapter to play CV games on Pencil II. Very little is known about this PC.


Musics and sounds of the Pencil II are done by the SN76489 sound chip.

VGM Scene

You can log Pencil II VGMs only in MESS.