Sord M5

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ROMIcon.png Sord M5
Japanese M5 unit
Manufacturer(s) Japan Sord

South Korea Goldstar / TommyCom

Release Date(s) Japan 1982-11

Europe 1983

South Korea 198?

CPU(s) 2xZilog Z80
Sound chip(s) SN76489A
Music section N / A

The Sord M5 was an 8-bit personal computer released by Sord at 1982 in Japan. The Sord M5 is known to have a similar hardware to their future rivals, the MSX1 and the SC-3000, except that the M5 have another Z80, compared to the other two computers. Most of M5 titles appeared in ROM cartridge format, but software can be also run in Floppy Disks or in Cassettes. Despite for having a lot of ports of Arcade titles from Namco and Konami, the M5 didn't farewell against some other 8-bit computers, such as NEC PC-8801 and the Sharp X1. The M5 was also released in some European countries, under the name CGL M5. In South Korea, Goldstar (now LG Electronics) and TommyCom was also released the M5 too, but with Hangul characters in the keyboard instead of Kana characters.


All sound of the M5 games came from a SN76489 sound chip. It also supports the Cassette Wave, in order to play, load and save data on it.

VGM Scene

You can log M5 musics into VGM only in MESS.