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ROMIcon.png Copera
An enhanced Pico in various ways.
Manufacturer(s) Japan Yamaha
Release Date(s) Japan 1993
CPU(s) Motorola 68000
Sound chip(s) SEGAVDP PSG, Yamaha YMF262
Music section N / A

The Copera (ja:コペラ), better known as Mixt Book Player Copera is a clone of the Sega Pico made by Yamaha. It adds various functions to an standard Pico, such as Stereo sound (its not sure if this applies to PSG sounds), Karaoke, a FM sound chip (Yamaha YMF262) and two MIDI ports. They also can run their own type of software, called Mixt Books, opposed to the normal "Storywares" of the. It is possible to run Storyware cartridges on the Copera and dhese Mixt Books cartridges can run on a normal Pico, but you cannot play them due to the inputs that Copera requires is missing. Some games show a message (in Japanese) about playing Copera-only software in a normal Pico, in a vein of how Game Boy Color-only games shows warnings when played in the original Game Boy or Super Game Boy.


VGM scene

You can log Copera musics into VGM in MESS, but Copera-exclusive FM functions isn't emulated.

You cannot log MIDI data into an VGM file.