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An European ColecoVision with a Lady Bug cartridge inserted.
Manufacturer(s) United States of America Coleco

Europe CBS

Release Date(s) United States of America 1982-08

Europe 1982

CPU(s) Zilog Z80
Sound chip(s) SN76489
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ColecoVision ColecoVision (ja:コレコビジョン) MESS System Driver coleco is a 8-bit video game system made by Coleco. It was released in 1982 and marketed as a machine that enables the user to play games with 'arcade-quality graphics'. The system was discontinued in 1985, but it remained popular until the end of the 1980s. In 2014, Coleco, with help of AtGames, announced that they working on a ColecoVision redesign: The ColecoVision Flashback, which has 60 games built-in, and released in 2014.

Launch titles United States of America


VGM scene

You can log ColecoVision music to VGM in two emulators: MESS and Meka.

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