Neo Geo Pocket Color

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ROMIcon.png Neo Geo Pocket Color
Neo Geo Pocket Color running "Densha de Go! 2 on Neo Geo Pocket" DENSHA DE DENSHA DE GO! TSUU! GO! TSUU
Manufacturer(s) Worldwide release SNK

South Korea Vic-A

Release Date(s) Japan 1999-03-16

United States of America 1999-08-06
Europe 1999-10-01
South Korea 1999-19-03

CPU(s) Toshiba TCLS900H (Zilog Z80 compatible)
Sound chip(s) T6W28 (SN76489 compatible), 2xDAC
Music section Neo Geo Pocket Color

Neo Geo Pocket Color Neo Geo Pocket Color (ja:ネオジオポケチE��カラー) MESS System Driver ngpc is a 8-bit handheld system made by SNK. It was an upgraded version of the Neo Geo Pocket, but it didn't come with any other enhancements, like Nintendo's Game Boy Color did. The NGPC was the SNK's last product for consumers, until when Tommo releases the Neo Geo X in 2010, a portable system that have some Neo Geo (MVS and/or AES modes?) games built-in.

Launch titles Japan

All of them was released 3 days after the NGPC release in Japan.


VGM scene

A VGM Player for the NGPC was also released, pokevgm, by mic. It can play SN76489 and T6W28 VGMs. It's also backwards compatible with NGP.

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