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Joystick.png Sakata SAS
Founded 1985-04
Defunct No
Major Products Various DECO games without credits
Key People
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Sakata SAS Co. Ltd (ja:酒田エス・エー・エス), a division of SAS Co. Ltd, is a video game company, founded in 1985, in Japan. The company is highly known to be developing various Data East and Epoch games without being credited.


In 1985, Sakata SAS developed BurgerTime for the Famicom. However, it was published by Namco, under their Namcot brand, because at the time, Data East cannot have enough money to became a contracted third-party for the Famicom. Sakata SAS was converted the Famicom version of BurgerTime to the Disk System in 1988, as part of the Disk Writer machine exclusive games. The FDS version is published by DECO instead of Namco.

In 1986, Sakata SAS was developed Tantei Jinguuji Saburo: Shinjuku Chuuou Kouen Satsujin Jiken for the Disk System, their first game on the add-on.

In 1990, Sakata SAS developed Cyraid for the Game Boy, their first game on the portable.

In 1996, Sakata SAS started to develop games for the Sega Saturn.

In 1999, Sakata SAS developed Magical Drop Pocket, for the Neo Geo Pocket Color, their only game on this portable.

In 2000, Sakata SAS developed their last game, Doraemon Memories: Nobi Dai no Omoi Izaru Daibouken, for the Game Boy Color. It is their only game on the portable.

Somewhere between 2005~2006, SAS restructured Sakata SAS, and turned them into a multi game division company. Sakata SAS started to develop Arcade games, downloadable games, Online games and iOS games, as well continuing his home console game development.