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About VGM files

VGM (Video Game Music) is a sample-accurate sound logging format for many machines and sound chips. It logs the commands sent to the sound chips, so the resulting files are much smaller than mp3s.

The normal extension is .vgm but files can also be gzip compressed into .vgz files.

The format has a long history, it started as a way to log Sega Master System music, and later more and more chips were added to its list, and today it supports dozens of chips and has features such as compression and tagging.

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VGM Players

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Top rated packs

Dragon Saber: After Story of Dragon Spirit Dragon Saber: After Story of Dragon Spirit
Arcade • YM2151, C140
Out Run Out Run
Arcade • YM2151, SegaPCM
Battle Garegga Battle Garegga
Arcade • YM2151, M6295, NMK112
Akumajo Dracula Akumajo Dracula
X68000 • YM2151, M6258
Gimmick! (J) Gimmick! (J)
Famicom • NES APU, YM2149
Journey to Silius (U, E, A) / Raf World (J) Journey to Silius (U, E, A) / Raf World (J)
NES, Famicom • NES APU
Space Manbow Space Manbow
MSX2 • AY-3-8910, K051649
Daytona USA Daytona USA
Arcade • MultiPCM
The Scheme The Scheme
PC-8801 • YM2608
Star Trader Star Trader
X68000 • YM2151, M6258

Latest high rated

Blazeon Blazeon
Arcade • YM2151
Super Hydlide Super Hydlide
MegaDrive • SN76489, YM2612
Master of Monsters Master of Monsters
MegaDrive • SN76489, YM2612
Golgo 13: Kiseki no Dandou Golgo 13: Kiseki no Dandou
Arcade • C352
Verytex Verytex
MegaDrive • SN76489, YM2612
Street Fighter EX / Street Fighter EX plus Street Fighter EX / Street Fighter EX plus
Arcade • QSound
Task Force Harrier EX Task Force Harrier EX
MegaDrive • SN76489, YM2612
Darwin 4081 Darwin 4081
MegaDrive • YM2612
Dark Lord Dark Lord
Famicom • NES APU
Super Real Darwin Super Real Darwin
Arcade • YM3812

Latest additions

Tengai (W) / Sengoku Blade: Sengoku Ace Episode II (J) Tengai (W) / Sengoku Blade: Sengoku Ace Episode II (J)
Updated 2022-12-08
Arcade • YMF278B
Avengers in Galactic Storm Avengers in Galactic Storm
Updated 2022-12-08
Arcade • YMZ280B
Dome Dome
Updated 2022-12-06
PC-8801 • YM2203
Fishing Master Fishing Master
Updated 2022-12-04
Arcade • HuC6280
Super Medal Fighters Super Medal Fighters
Updated 2022-12-04
Arcade • HuC6280
Fuusen Pentai Fuusen Pentai
Updated 2022-12-01
Arcade • K051649
Shuriken Boy Shuriken Boy
Updated 2022-12-01
Arcade • K051649
Tsurikko Penta Tsurikko Penta
Updated 2022-12-01
Arcade • K051649
Magical Pumpkin: Puroland de Daibouken Magical Pumpkin: Puroland de Daibouken
Updated 2022-11-30
Arcade • YM2151, M6295
Buttobi Striker Buttobi Striker
Updated 2022-11-30
Arcade • M6295, K051649


Garou Densetsu 2 / Garou Densetsu Special Optimized using opt_oki.
Dragon Knight 4 Fixed tags and typos.
Dome Fixed some tags.
Dragon Knight 4 Trimmed leading silence.
Dragon Knight 4 Fixed typos in tracks 33 and 44
Mahjong Fun Club: Idol Saizensen Increased volume.
Crackout (US prototype) Fixed song titles.
Crackout (EA) Fixed song titles.
Nazo no Kabe: Block-Kuzushi Fixed song titles.
Fishing Master Fixed screenshot.