Master Boy

Sound chip: SAA1099
System: Arcade
Composer: Unknown
Developer: Gaelco
Publisher: Gaelco
Release date: 1991
01. Coin 0:01
02. Unknown Track 0:21 + 0:21
03. Question 0:31 + 0:31
04. Selecting a Category 0:23 + 0:23
05. Game Over 0:04
Total: 1:19 + 1:14
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2015-06-17 mixmaster Initial release.
Size reductions
vgm_cmp48.4 KB23.6 KB48.8%
3 ratings • 595 downloads • 4099 views
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Yet another Gaelco game that follows a very
obscure concept once again! This time, you
play in true/false quizzes based on age and
subject category. Not really a fun thing to
look on... To also note, this game was
available in 2 languages. Spanish, and Italian.

Anyways, the game uses a Z180 port of the
Xor World sound engine, interestingly enough,
but playing Music/SFX after playing anything
else carries over the previous volumes. A bug,

Size reduction (vgm_cmp):
    48.4 KB -> 23.6 KB (48.76 %)


Source: VGMRips

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