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ROMIcon.png SC-3000
SC-3000, the computer counterpart of the SG-1000.
Manufacturer(s) Japan Sega

Australia John Sands

France ITMC

Italia Melchioni

Release Date(s) Japan 1983-07-15

Australia 1983

France / Spain / Italia 1984

CPU(s) NEC DC780-1 (Z80 compatible)
Sound chip(s) SN76489AN
Music section SC-3000

SC-3000 SC-3000, MESS System Driver sc3000 or Sega Computer 3000, is a 8-bit personal computer made by Sega. It shares most of the SG-1000 hardware, and can run all SG-1000 games.


VGM Scene

You can log SC3K VGMs in various emulators, such as MESS, Meka and Kega Fusion. Mostly of SC-3000 games didn't have musics. But you can create one in Sega Music Editor, play the created music, and log it into VGM.

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