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This is a list of soundchips which are not included on the VGM Format.

8364 Paula

The 8364 Paula is the sound chipset of Commodore Amiga. It is used to play musics and SFX.

AD7224 / 7521 / 7528 / 7533

These series of soundchips are DAC soundchips used in various Arcade games, most notably, Mortal Kombat. The DAC of some of these games can be hacked to play like the Sega Mega Drive DAC. All of these chips are manufactured by Texas Instruments.


The Yamaha AICA is a 64-channel soundchip manufactured by Yamaha and Sega, used in Sega NAOMI series and variants, as well on Sega Dreamcast console. It can play sequenced musics, but later games used stream files such as ADX.


The AM6012 is a 12-bit D/A soundchip. Used as speech device in three games from Atari Games: Cyberball, Hard Drivin' and Race Drivin'.


An 16-bit unreleased soundchip made by Atari for use on their unreleased Atari 65XEM (this model was also called as Sierra during his development, and has nothing to do with the company of the same name). It was not released due to the focus on Atari ST, since the Atari 65XEM was supposed to be an upgrade of Atari 65XE, which means it was another iteration of the Atari 8-bit family.


The Astrocade is a 4-channel PSG made by Bally Midway in 1980. It was used in a few Arcade games, such as Robby Roto! and Professor Pac-Man, but also in the Bally Astrocade, the only video game console by Bally.

The Astrocade sounds similar to SN76489 in many ways, so, one can hack the SN76489 core to act like the Astrocade PSG. But until now, we don't have any plans to include it on the VGM Format.

Atari JSA Sound Boards

It's a separate PCB for sound, made by Atari Games.


Custom soundchipset used in Power Macintosh 6100.


The Beep is just as it says: it's a beeper device.

There are various types of Beepers, so, leaving this on hold is the best option for now, until we plan to construct a generic Beep core.


The BSMT2000 is a DSP used in various Pinball machines, but also used in a few Arcade games, such as Battletoads and Tattoo Assassins.


The CD/DA is a variant of the Compact Disc (CD) format, normally called as Redbook Audio. But in thoery, it's the same as a .wav file.


The CEM3394 is a analog music synthesizer used in various Bally games (many under the Bally / Sente label).

CPS3 Audio Custom

The CPS3 Audio Custom is a 16-channel 8-bit soundchip used by Capcom on the CP System III hardware, similar to QSound.

Creative AudioPCI ES1373

This is a Ensoniq PCI-card used in few Arcade games from Incredible Technologies. Based on AC'97 audio codec technology.


A speech device used in Capcom Bowling and Bowl-O-Rama.


A DAC used only in Beezer.


Custom soundchipset used in Enterprise 64 and 128 computers.


A speech device used in Zaccaria's Scorpion and I.G.R.'s Harem.


Various unnamed DACs that use discrete logic to produce music and SFX. Due to their complexity, they will no be supported on the VGM Format.

DMA-driven DAC

Same as DAC.


A speech device used in three Excellent System games.

Exidy 440 CVSD / Exidy SFX / PSG / Speech

A custom DAC used by few Exidy games.

Gaelco CG1V / GAE1

Soundchipsets used in Gaelco games.


The HC-55516 is a CVSD manufactured by Harris Corporation. It is most used in a variety of Pinball machines, as well in some Arcade games from Williams and Midway. They act as an speech device for most games.


The HuC6230 is a custom PSG with ADPCM and CD-DA control features. Used in PC-FX and PC-FX GA consoles.


The I5000 is a 16-channel ADPCM player, similar to Q-Sound in many ways, manufactured by Imagetek. It is used in two Arcade games.

I8244 / I8245

The sound generator of Magnavox Odyssey 2.


A soundchip used in IGS (not the japanese one) games, as well in their PolyGame Master (PGM) board.


The sound chipset of Atari Jaguar. A 32-bit DSP capable of doing FM and PCM synthesis.


The K005289 is a 2-channel WSG made by Konami. It is used on the Bubble System and GX400 games, in conjuction to a AY-3-8910A PSG (sometimes with VLM5030).

This would be the basis for the K051649 SCC1 soundchip: The number of channels was doubled (2 to 4, 5 if you count SCC+). So, it's possible to hack the K051649 core to play K005289 data.


The K007232 is a 2-channel PCM soundchip made by Konami. It was used on various Konami games, but was succeeded by K053260 KDSC in the 90's.

Konami VRC6

A Famicom mapper (#024 and #026 on iNES Mapper Standard) integrated with a 3-channel soundchip used in a few Konami games (2x pulse wave, 1x sawtooth). Used in the Japanese version of Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse, Esper Dream 2 and Madara.

L7A1045 L6028 DSP-A

A DSP used in AKAI MPC3000 music synthesizer and on Hyper Neo Geo 64 system.

LaserDisc Analog

Used in various Arcade games that use an LaserDisc player. It is also used in Pioneer's LaserActive home system.


A DSP manufactured by National. Used in Atari STE and Mega STE computers.


A speech device used only on Nintendo's Radar Scope.


A MPEG-2/3 decoder used in Konami / Bemani System 573 hardware.

MC1408 / 3408 / 3410 / 3417

A series of DACs used in various American-made Arcade games.


The soundchip of Atari Lynx, very similar to POKEY.


A power and audio management IC made by Mitsumi. Used in Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi for music and sound output. Integrated in a Texas Instrument audio codec chip in Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS models (also applies for 3DS XL, 2DS, New 3DS XL and New 2DS XL).


Used only in Attack UFO.


Used only in Commodore VIC-20 computer.

MOS6561 / 6581

A 3-channel PSG, manufactured by MOS Technology. Also known as SID (Sound Interface Device). Used in Commodore 64 and derivative hardware.

MOS7360 / 8580

Used in Commodore Plus/4 and derivative hardware.

MSM5205 / 6585

A 1-channel ADPCM soundchip made by Oki. Used in various Arcade games to give either sampled voices or sampled drums / musical instruments, but is also included in TurboGrafx-CD and Konami Picno (both Picno and Picno 2).


A 8-channel tone generation used in a few Alpha Denshi and Taito games, such as The FairyLand Story.


A 3-channel WSG used in various Namco games, starting from Pac-Man.

Namco 15XX

A 8-channel WSG used in various Namco games, starting from Super Pac-Man.

Namco 163

A Famicom mapper (#019 on the iNES Mapper Standard) integrated with a 8-channel WSG on it developed by Namco on a few games. It's not the same Namco WSG found in Namco arcade boards. Most games use only the first 4 channels instead of all 8 channels.

Namco 63701X

A custom DAC used in three Namco System 86 games.

Namco CUS30

Same as Namco 15XX, but with stereo support, starting from Dragon Buster.

NEC D65010G031

The video and sound generator of Casio PV-1000.

NEC uPD1771C 017

A waveform generator. Used in Super Cassette Vision.


A custom soundchipset made by Seta Corporation, also called as ST-0026. Used only in Super Real Mahjong P6.

Nintendo MMC5

A Famicom mapper (#005 in iNES Mapper Standard) integrated with a 3-channel soundchip (2x Pulse wave, 1x PCM) made by Nintendo. Despite some NES (American / European) games uses this mapper, they don't include the sounchip on those cartridges, as the NES Cartridge Pinout lacked an Audio Output pin.


A soundchip used in Atari Portfolio PC.


A 32-channel wavetable synthesizer. Used in a few Eolith games.


Used in Cidelsa games and some home computers.


A 32-channel PCM soundchip made by Ricoh. Used in various Konami games from later 90's, most notable, Gradius IV and GTI Club.


Used in Berzerk, Frenzy and Wolf Pack, as well some electronic chess games from 80's.

Sega Speech / Universal Sound Board

Soundchipsets with discrete logic.


An discrete logic soundchip, made by Texas Instruments, starting from Space Invaders.

SNES Custom DSP (SPC700)

An 8-channel 16-bit DSP made by Sony and manufactured by Nintendo. Is included in the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), Nintendo Super System, Super Famicom Box and Play Station (the SNES-CD prototype), as well some SNES bootlegs in Arcade form. Several Super Game Boy-enhanced Game Boy games uses this soundchip.

SNK Wave

A custom WSG, similar to Namco 15XX, used in a few SNK games.

SP0250 / 0256

Used as speech devices in various Arcade games, as well on Intellivision's IntelliVoice add-on.


A 24-channel DSP used on Sony PlayStation video game console and various PS1-based Arcade boards, such as Capcom ZN1 and Taito FX-1A/1B.


A 48-channel DSP. It's the successor of SPU, but is used on Sony PlayStation 2 and PSX video game consoles, as well in various PS2-based Arcade boards, such as Namco System 246/256 and Konami Pyson.


A custom soundchipset made by Seta.


Standing from Television Interface Adaptor, TIA is the main chip of the Atari 2600 console. Also used in Tournament Table, which is just the Atari 2600 hardware in arcade form.


Just SN76489, but renamed.


An ADPCM speech device manufactured by NEC. Used in Jaleco's Moero!! series for the Famicom, as well in two Arcade games from the same company.


An speech device made by Sanyo. Used in a few Konami Arcade games.


An custom soundchipset made by BrezzaSoft, used only in the BrezzaSoft Crystal System.


Just SN76489, but renamed.

Yamaha SWP30

An soundchip made by Yamaha for use in the MU100 sound module.

Yamaha YMZ770

An DSP used in various Cave games. A small variant called YMZ744 is used in IGS' PolyGame Master 2.


An DSP made by Zoom Corporation. Used in Taito FX-1B, Taito G-NET and Taito Type Zero systems.

*game name here* Audio Custom

Custom soundchips designed for only one or less than five games.