Welcome to VGMRips, The biggest and most active site for retro Video Game Music rips! We have accurate game music rips, from dozens of game consoles and arcade systems. Music is organized into packs, and packs can be searched by composer, developer, sound chip, system and so on. You can listen to the packs on our pages, or you can download zip files with VGM files in them, and listen in your favorite player with VGM support.

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About VGM files

VGM (Video Game Music) is a sample-accurate sound logging format for many machines and sound chips. It logs the commands sent to the sound chips, so the resulting files are much smaller than mp3s.

The normal extension is .vgm but file can also be gzip compressed into .vgz files.

The format has a long history, it started as a way to log Sega Master System music, and later more and more chips were added to its list, and today it supports dozens of chips and has features such as compression and tagging.

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VGM Players

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Top rated packs

The Scheme The Scheme
PC-8801 • YM2608
Dragon Saber: After Story of Dragon Spirit Dragon Saber: After Story of Dragon Spirit
Arcade • YM2151, C140
Out Run Out Run
Arcade • YM2151, SegaPCM
Battle Garegga Battle Garegga
Arcade • YM2151, M6295, NMK112
Daytona USA Daytona USA
Arcade • MultiPCM
Journey to Silius (U, E, A) / Raf World (J) Journey to Silius (U, E, A) / Raf World (J)
NES, Famicom • NES APU
Akumajo Dracula Akumajo Dracula
X68000 • YM2151, M6258
Grounseed Grounseed
PC-9801 • YM2608
Dragon Spirit Dragon Spirit
X68000 • YM2151, M6258
Galaxy Force II Galaxy Force II
Arcade • YM2151, SegaPCM

Latest additions

Chimera Beast Chimera Beast
Updated 2018-10-09
Arcade • YM2151, M6295
Second Earth Gratia Second Earth Gratia
Updated 2018-10-09
Arcade • YMF271
Air Duel Air Duel
Updated 2018-10-09
Arcade • YM2151
Denjin Makai Denjin Makai
Updated 2018-10-09
Arcade • YM2151, M6295
Dark Seal / Gate of Doom (U) Dark Seal / Gate of Doom (U)
Updated 2018-10-09
Arcade • YM2151, YM2203, M6295
Wizard Fire / Dark Seal II (J) Wizard Fire / Dark Seal II (J)
Updated 2018-10-09
Arcade • YM2151, M6295
Cycle Mahbou Cycle Mahbou
Updated 2018-10-09
Arcade • YM2203
Sky Destroyer Sky Destroyer
Updated 2018-10-09
Arcade • YM2203
Burning Fight Burning Fight
Updated 2018-10-09
Neo Geo • YM2610
Direct-X Release.2 Direct-X Release.2
Updated 2018-10-09
X68000 • YM2151, M6258


Slimyer Initial release.
Chip's Challenge Initial release.
Cycle Mahbou Initial release.
Sky Destroyer Initial release.
Uncharted Waters Initial release.
Mega Man IV (U, E) / Rockman World 4 (J) Fixed Charge Man (along with the typo in the title), re-ordered some of the tracks and removed the redundant track notes.
Vinyl Goddess from Mars Initial release.
Major Stryker Initial release.
Tintin in Tibet (UK) / Tintin au Tibet (FR) / Tim in Tibet (DE) / Kuifje in Tibet (NL) / Tintín en el Tíbet (ES) / Tintin nel Tibet (IT) / Tintin i Tibet (SV) Initial release.
Wizard Fire / Dark Seal II (J) Initial release.